Special hunting licenses for people that don’t have to follow the rules

Some states have started giving preferential treatment to celebrities or rich folks.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has been issuing special permits to those that make large donations.  This is an appalling practice as hunting should be a sport that is available to everyone.  (See Black Bear and Hunting Sense for more details on the Illinois scandal.)

I apply for several out of state permits every year in Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota and it makes me sad how difficult it is to get an out of state permit.  In most states there are one, sometimes two, and even three drawings for in state hunters before an out of state hunter can even apply for limited quota licenses. To hear that if you are a celebrity or contribute a pile of money you can obtain such a license without going through the proper channels is disheartening. In my opinion everyone should have an equal chance of getting a license no matter who you are or how much money you dole out. I am also concerned that this might set a precedent for other states to start having there own “special” licensing practices. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Hunting is a sport for everyone.  It already takes a lot of money to get going and if we make it even more expensive to get an out of state license, we will cut a lot of people out of the sport.

Let me know what you think or tell me what you feel is wrong with licensing in your state.   

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