How to cook with game meat – go rare!

One of the most enjoyable things about hunting to me is
trying to figure out new and exciting recipes to use with game meat. I love to
cook and I am always looking for new recipes. (You can see some of my cooking at My Man’s Man.)  My favorite standbys are elk chili and goulash, as well as bacon wrapped elk or deer loin
braised with maple syrup. However, I am always keeping my eyes open. With most
game meat, you can substitute it into just about any recipe that calls for
beef.  Be careful though! There are definitely some dishes that do not taste
good with venison or elk but for the most part, it will work just fine. The
problem that most people have with game meat is that they over cook it.
Especially when it comes to steaks. I hate to say it, but if you like your steaks
well done, you should probably just stick to regular old beef. Game meat is
best cooked a little bit south of medium with medium-rare or even rare being even more appealing to the pallet.

Go rare!

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