I’m back!

Well, I apologize for the hiatus. It has been a very busy
summer. But as I write today, I only have a little bit over a month and a half
till it is time to go chase my (hopefully) huge mule deer. Training for my trip has not been as consistent
as I would have hoped, but I feel that come August 25th I should be
ready to go get him. I was fairly fortunate this year on drawing most of my licenses.
However, I did have one hiccup in Wyoming.
I learned a hard lesson, be sure and sign the check that you send in with your license
application! I didn’t and now my hunting companions will be chasing some
monster pronghorns this year while, hopefully I will be able to pick up a
couple of reduced priced doe tags to help fill the freezer.

Antelope is one of my most favorite animals to hunt as well
as being one of the best meats to put on the plate. I can almost taste the
grilled blackstrap already.

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