The last days before hunting season starts!

Well, I have less than a week left before my early season
mule deer hunt begins here in


Yesterday I spent the day scrambling around trying to gather up all of the gear
that I am going to be taking with me on my trip. Once I rounded everything up,
I packed it neatly and put it into my rucksack. This was quite the adventure
because you have to be sure not to pack the things that you need in a hurry at
the bottom of your pack. Nothing is worse than having a fast moving
thunderstorm move up on you and you have to pretty much un-pack your backpack
to get at your hidden raingear! Therefore, after several hit and misses I think
I was able to get my gear packed into my ruck in somewhat of a useful order? I
guess, but the proof is in the pudding, so we will just have to see. I have a
few last minute things left to take care of this week such as loading some
extra shells and some grocery shopping, but for the most part, I think that I
am as ready as I will ever get. So wish me luck!

On another note. The other day I was able to pick myself up
a couple of leftover doe antelope tags in


. Now, for those of you who would
like to see some new country at a reduce price and a chance to stock your
freezer, this is the way to go. The tags only cost $29 and last time I checked
there were still plenty left. Therefore, I would encourage you to go get you a
couple if you are looking for a good excuse to get out of the house a little
earlier this fall. Good luck! 

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