Antelope Hunting in Wyoming with the Kids

We made it back from Wyoming! We didn’t get snowed in but Saturday night sure did get cold. The hunting was a little off but we still managed to get some goats. We had a great time visiting with our friend Ted. He has a beautiful place right on the North Platte river that he lets us hunt on.
We all had a great time. This is one of the few hunts that I am able to take the whole family on because it isn’t as rugged as my deer and elk hunts and I really enjoy it.
We are never too far from the car or the camper so if one of the kids gets cold or
tired of hunting, we can always head back and it doesn’t detract from the rest of the hunt.

Ted was in the process of getting the last cut of his hay sold, so there were still some one ton bails left. Jacob and I went out the first morning and just had a great time sneaking from bail to bail trying to Indian up on some of those Wyoming antelope.
I was shooting my muzzle loader, so getting close was going to be necessary. Unfortunately my sneaking skills are just not as good as they used to be on a cut hay field so later in the day I decided to cheat and switched over to my 25-06. This made things a little easier, but the antelope just were not cooperating! I could have shot buck after buck, but those wiley old does were hanging just across the fence on the neighbors property that we did not have permission to hunt. Finally, on our second morning of the hunt, one made the mistake of jumping across the fence.
With a well placed shot, she was down and then the work (even though cleaning an antelope is fairly easy) started. We were running a little bit short on time so after a packing up camp in record time, we were on our way back home.

Like I have said in previous posts, if you have a chance to hunt antelope … you will never be disappointed.

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  1. Cindy says:

    I am trying to find a recipe for oryx. My son was lucky enought to attend a hunt here at White Sands Missle Range. We have steaks and I can’t seem to find anything about cooking it. I guess I am going to assume to cook it like venison…. has anyone ever tried oryx before?

  2. Frank says:

    Congratulations to your son. Oryx are awesome animals to hunt and excellent on the table. You can fix it like most other wild game. The last time that I was in Africa, most of the oryx that we had was grilled. I would highly suggest cooking it that way. Just don’t over cook it. However, most of your other game recipes will work just fine.

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