Are Game Bags Necessary?

Do you use them? Growing up we always used them. It is just what we did. This year as I was skinning my elk in camp and then placing the quarters in the bags, I started questioning the use of them. I understand that they do a great job of keeping the bugs and most debris off. However, at 11000’ in the middle of October in Colorado, there are not a whole lot of insects left. As far as keeping the meat clean – we usually keep the hide on until we are back to camp and then skin the quarters out. This protects the meat when you are dragging or hauling the meat from the field to camp. Then we wash them off and set them on some cooling racks. Usually, they are frozen the next day. On the way out, we place them on a tarp and wrap it tight. I can see using the bags in the early fall when the insects are out. But I just cannot see using them in the situation that I described to you.

What do you do? Is it necessary?

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  1. Phillip says:

    Where I do most of my hunting, in CA and NC, it’s often still quite warm during the hunting season. I usually get my animals skinned and on ice as quickly as I can, but when I can’t, I like a combination of black pepper, vinegar, and a good game bag to keep the blow flies off the meat.
    I also like a game bag for packing out boned meat.

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