What did you draw?

Well today I am patiently waiting (well maybe not so patiently) for the Colorado Division of Wildlife to post the 2007 Elk draw results. I already found out that I did not draw my moose, sheep and goat tags. So even though it is another disappointing draw year so far, I still have a couple of shimmering stars still out there to wish on.  The elk draw is supposed posted today and then I am still waiting and hoping on the Colorado deer and antelope draw, as well as the Wyoming antelope draw that does not come out until July.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me waiting to hear back on what animals I will be chasing this year is almost like a second Christmas. I may not get everything that I want, but with anything that I get, I will have fun. With more and more states posting the outcome online. I no longer have to wait until that day when Mr. Postman drops the results at the house. As the countdown continues, I can only hope that the Drawing Gods will smile on me.

Good luck with your pursuits!

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