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Hunting Texas

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Yesterday my friend Raymond informed me that he would be on
an upcoming hunting show called Mossy Oaks:  Hunting the Country. I don’t know about the
rest of you but most of the hunting shows on today’s TV usually takes place in
far away locations or on Ranches that require you to pony up your first born
and soul for a chance to hunt on. This particular hunt that Raymond was on took
place last fall at a ranch run by Heart of Texas Bowhunting. From the footage
that I watched of him and his son JT while they harvested there 2 deer, it
looked like a fantastic place to hunt. For
most of us, the thought of hunting on private property brings to mind the exhorbinate
cost associated with such an experience. Myself, I do not have a ton of what
Raymond mentions as “A lot of passive income.” I am a working hunter. Granted I
hunt quite a bit and I am fortunate to live in a state that is centrally
located in the west that has plenty of access to public land and also, that gives
me the opportunity with a short drive, to hunt some of the West’s best states.
I hunt almost entirely on public land with no guides or services. So to even
think about getting the chance to hunt private land in


for deer, in the past was a little bit
out of my reach. However, Kevin Burleson who runs Heart of Texas Bowhunting has
made it a little easier for all of us working class stiffs to get a chance to
experience some of that great Texas deer hunting that we have been hearing so
much about in the past at an affordable price. I will not go into pricing here (check
out there website at,
but I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Kevin is a very knowledgeable
hunter and from the looks of things he is doing what he can to insure that his
hunters have a quality hunting experience. As you can tell from the name of the outfit, this is a bowhunting hunt
only. Now all I have to do is start getting serious about doing some archery
hunting and maybe next year I will get a chance at some


monster. Also, congratulations to
Raymond and JT on a great accomplishment. Maybe I will just see you there?